Interface Specification


Dependencies Tangible Code shows programmers the dependencies between the documents of source code in their program. This facilitates reusing code in other programs and understanding the impact of changes. The arrows point from the selected files to those it uses and vice-versa.


Code When the programmer selects a function from the trace, its code is displayed - along with the data it's processing at that moment in time. This allows the programmer to see the program in action instead of having to reason about its behavior.


Flagging (a) If a value is incorrect, the programmer can flag it. This provides a precise indication of the location of a problem, both as a way of communicating it to someone else and monitoring whether it's been fixed.

(b) Flagged values are shown with a red background.

(c) If known, the correct value can be entered.

(d) When the flagged value is correct, the background turns green.



Trace A hierarchical timeline of the program's execution, organized by function calls. The numbers on the right indicate the number of lines nested between the corresponding function.